My Favorite New Pyp Tek Bubbler

I wanted to break this and boy in with you guys so here she is… The…

You know we Still in the Kitchen #CannaButter Whippin!!!


HOMIE: come through to match I saved the head nug to 💨


Dont cry over spilt🌲 Vaccume it up & 💨


the most exclusive 5 strains 1 blunt I’ve rolled yet!!!

1. Zookies @culturephom 25.08% THC 2. Sherbacio @alienlabs 21%THC 24% THCa 3.🍋 Zookies 19.66% THC 4.…

Wanted to start the day w a little combo!

mixed some alienlabs Melonade Shatter and some connectedcalifornia Forbiden Gushers🍇

Mendo Dope Garden Tour 2019

#MendoDope 2019 Garden Tour was Epic AF! So excited to see all these strains and phenos…

Blunt of some SHERBACIO from + Wedding 🎂


The Gumball pipe

I didnt think it was possible, until I swooped some gumballs from the @greenlane party the…

Kief Joint in Seattle Washington

Kief Joint in Seattle Washington w Tasty Puff Wrap Glue Wrap Glue – My Store:…