Global Drug Survey & UK Cannabis Social Clubs team up for largest ever cannabis survey

UK Cannabis Social Clubs have been working hard to keep the voice of the cannabis consumer in the public conversation that has exploded in the UK. At a time where there are so many corporate entities trying to influence policy for profit and naively overlooking the problems of prohibition in favour of overcomplicated bureaucracy, we thought it was about time you had your say and your collective voices heard.

So, along with the Global Drug Survey who we have teamed up with, we are conducting the largest ever study on cannabis in the UK.
If you are like us and think your experience should be counted, please take the time to be one of the first to fill it out and help us shape a policy for consumers by consumers.

Why Global Drug Survey is running a UK cannabis survey.

GDS runs one very big drug survey each year, the annual Global Drug Survey. It’s the largest drug survey in the world. Our next survey GDS2020 launches November 2019. It will be translated into 18 languages, have partners in 30 countries and include a big focus on psychedelics, medical cannabis, CBD, MDMA dosing and nightlife.

We don’t usually interrupt the flow at GDS with another survey. But such is the speed of change and deluge of investor funding and interest in the UK cannabis market (both legal and medical), that GDS thought it was really important to get some sense of what is going on now, in the UK today, to inform future policy, clinical guidelines and ensure the voice of the everyday consumer is heard. The narrative to date has not always offered this.

So, we have teamed up with the UK Cannabis Social Clubs network to run what we expect will be the biggest survey of cannabis use ever conducted in the UK. It will take most people 10-15 minutes it’s hosted at It’s anonymous, confidential and hosted on an encrypted survey platform and website. We collect no IP addresses, store no personal data and it’s approved by the research ethics committee at University College London.
There’s no one behind the study other than the UKCSC and the Global Drug Survey who are consultant psychiatrists that want to see better drugs policies based on the evidence after being the ones to deal with the consequences of prohibition and the impact it has on people from all walks of life.

Whether you use cannabis and/or CBD in the UK for pleasure, for pain or just to pass the time), we want to hear from you. Your experience matters. Please share it with us.

What we hope to learn and share with you once we have crunched the numbers.

How the types of cannabis and the way we use them are changing in the UK
How people are using CBD and what do they find it useful for?
People’s experience of being part of a Cannabis Social Club in the UK
How people are currently using cannabis for medical/therapeutic purposes, where they sourcing it from, what they pay, what they use it to treat, how they use it, what benefits they get, the impact on other treatments they may have tried, problems they have experienced and whether or not they have asked a GP or specialist to prescribe cannabis since the law changes in the UK?

Thank you loads

Professor Adam R Winstock & Greg de Hoedt
Consultant Psychiatrist UK Cannabis Social Clubs
Founder Global Drug Survey Chairman

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