Maximum Marijuana Grow Challenge Day 66 HYDROSOIL

We are nearing the end of our Maximum Grow Challenge series.
We started out with the goal of growing up to 3lbs under 1000w using my HYDROSOIL method of growing.

The plants were grown in hydro during 8 week veg in coco rock and 3 gallon Smart Pots.
They were then transferred into 10 gallon Smart Pots and left to Veg under my 1000w light for 2 weeks.
I then flipped them 12/12. Within 3 weeks they had outgrown the small room and had to be moved into my bigger flower room. I put 8 of them under 2000w and flowered them. The other 2 were moved around and fit in where they could fit.

We are now 1 week out from cutting down. They have been flushed for 8 days straight with about 20 gallons of RO water per day. PPM are at 230.

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